Intenantional Standard Identifiers for Iranian Libraries



The  National Library of Iran has become ISIL Registration Agency for Iran and has, according to the international standard: ISO 15511 Information and Documentaion—International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organisations (ISIL), the authorisation to assign, internationally valid library codes to Iranian Libraries.


The Iranian Library number consists of 12 character positions in the following order:


1-    Country Code for Iran= "IR-"

2-    Library Category Code for:


Academic Libraries = "2"

Special Libraries      = "3"

Research Libraries  = "4"

Public Libraries        = "5"

School Libraries       = "6"

Religious Libraries   = "7"

Children's Libraries  = "8"


3-City Code, consisting of 4 character positions

4-Library number, consisting of 4 character positions




IR-200060001 Tabriz Technical School

IR-302310001 Branch Office of Labour and Social Affairs of  Kerman

IR-400880006  Iran Management Association

IR-501400001  Astan Qods Razavi


Application for assignment of Iranian ISIL