"One of the major issues which requires double-effort and double-work is the issue of thought production, reading, increasing public knowledge in various fields, these free-thinking seats which we have proposed can create a pretty valuable flow of thought within the society in case of running at the universities and Howzes(religious schools)

Supreme Leader of the I.R. of Iran

20 March 2010


The idea of establishing free-thinking seats in academic and religious centers as one of the most significant foundations of the discourse of thought discourse within the country was raised in a letter by the Supreme Leader to a group of alumnus on 5 February 2002.

Since then, he has repeatedly spoken to the country's scientific elite about the need to launch debates, critiques, theories and free-thinking in universities and institutes of higher education, and to create these seats as a rational process, and to use collective wisdom for realizing the soft movement and ultimately the scientific development of the country. His repeated insistence on the requirement for active involvement of academics, scholars and cultural activists of the field is that the formation of these seats will provide the necessary conditions for the explicit scientific and documentary clarification of existing views on important scientific issues within the nation. This is why the free-thinking seat is rightly linked to the country's grand agenda and policies in the twenty-year vision document, and even to the realization and restoration of the long-term Islamic Iranian civilization.           

The effort to implement the plan in the 2014, dubbed the Year of "Economy and Culture with National Decisions and Jihadi Management", is worthy of further attention. The Supreme Leadership's emphasis in this designation is that economic growth is not possible without cultural growth, and this deepens the attention of the cultural companions to reform and promote community culture, especially in the current year.

The National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the largest cultural centers in country, has set its goals and plans to establish free-thinking seats and move towards the formation of a national Think Tank in the center so that take an important step, and take action to promote the general culture of the society and create a new movement within the scientific body of the country.


About the Think-Tank


The following points will be of high significance in achieving the goals:

1) What is referred to as the Free-Thinking Seat encompasses all scientific, cultural, political or social discourse, including theorizing, critiquing debate, and other forms of dialogues, including the scientific presence and debates of supporters and opponents of a single subject or approach.

2) The implementation of these categories is through using the capacity of collective wisdom and the presence of all elites, scholars and researchers of Howze and university, regardless of political orientation.

3) The National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the organizer of these seats, shall use its full capacity to hold more accurate and lawful meetings for the scientific community, scholars of humanity, the elites and officials of the cultural fields, and expects so that they could be fully aware of the various aspects of the concept of freedom of thought and freedom of expression, as well as to be aware of the results and achievements of the meetings to endeavor in holding successful meetings. This can be achieved only through the interaction of various centers and actors in the country's scientific, cultural and social fields.

4) The National Library and Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran through providing the necessary grounds for holding Free-Thinking Seats, while emphasizing the qualitative level of debates and avoiding mere quantification, create an appropriate atmosphere for the pro-sympathetic and anti-bias views. In clarifying the issue, it attempts to preserve the dignity of the debate, as well as to avoid sloganism.




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